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* Updated Wednesday Feb. 19th 2020, Kl. 14:19

Hi Flip - Salchow……..,

All of us on the senior coaching team and the board at Skellefteå Konståkning are concerned and know what the affects/influences can be of social media on young people in this day and age with so much negative content out there. As a way of helping you all we have organised a lecture/education workshop/help seminar for all skaters aged 9 - 14 (some older) and parents to help deal with what is out there and how to be kinder to each other.

Therefore on Monday March 9th between 17.00 and 20.00 we are having 2 lectures that we want all skaters and parents that this email is coming to attend please. All off ice classes have been cancelled that day to accommodate these lectures.
Here is a link to help explain a little more about them:

They will be held in the Spoven conference room on the 2nd floor at Folkparken.
Skaters only from 17.00 - 18.30
Parents only from 18.30 - 20.00

All you have to do is show up……..
The moderators are coming a long way for these lectures so please come and support them, our club, your child and your own needs.
Please put this in your calendars now so you do not forget!
We are always working to help you all in ways other than just on the ice…..

Have a great day……


Updated Monday Feb. 17th 2020, Kl. 12:17

Hi Everyone,
(Biellmann - Toeloop & tävlingstest åkare from Salchow),

Our dance teacher, Therese, has been talking to me about how fantastic everyone is doing in dance and how the kids and her want to extended their time together a little bit so we have changed her Sunday dance class times a little to match her schedule, fit the skater’s weekend schedules and give them all more time together.
So classes now will be as follows;

Group 1: 12.00 - 13.15
Group 2: 13.15 - 14.45

* Starting this week - Week 8……!

Have a wonderful day and rest of the week……


Updated Monday Feb. 10th 2020, Kl. 14:10

Hi Everyone,

Last night Skellefteå Kraft Arena was broken into and things were stolen all over the building.
Many of the förråds were broken into (including both of ours).
Melina and I have been at the building Tod ay to check for damage and anything that looked like I thad been stolen but as there are a lot of people that leave things in both of our förråds we are not sure if any belongings have been stolen.
We need everyone that leaves or has ever left anything in our förråds to go there today (it must be today for police reports and insurance purposes) and then email me back with anything that was/is your belongings that have been damaged or stolen.

We have already replaced the padlocks that were damage and stolen with new ones with the same codes as before.

Thank You,


Updated Wednesday Feb. 5th 2020, Kl. 12:13

Ögel, Salchow, Lutz, Flip & Recreational Group,

An official kommun photographer has been contracted to photograph several different sports in Skellefteå.
He will be coming to Kraft Arena tomorrow (Thursday Feb. 6th) at 18.45 to photograph our skaters….!
He will be bringing release forms to sign for all children on the ice so please be there as the parent of your skater so you can sign the document.
Anyone that skates on the 18.45 and 19.30 sessions will mostly likely be pictured.
If you do not want to be photographed I suggest you take the night off and ask to go to a different session another day in the week as it will be too difficult to “not” picture you with many people on the ice.



*Updated  Wednesday Jan. 22nd 2020, Kl. 13:30

 ** All skaters in dance classes......
Please see updated start times for dance classes as of Sunday Feb. 2nd (vecka 5) and all scheduled weeks onwards.


Dance Classes (Kulturskolan)

Grupp 1 : Kl. 13.00 – 14.00

Grupp 2 : Kl. 14.00 – 15.00

Swishnummer 123 218 49 84
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