Ta hand om er & stay safe💙
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My friends in Canada organised a fun raiser for Covid-19 support through a video show with world skaters from all over the world.
There is a small quiz at the beginning from 0.00 - 18:00 & then after that you can see all the amazing skaters from past, present & future interviewed to support fund raising for Covid-19 United Nations projects.
Sit down & watch the whole thing, leave it on in the background or watch it over days and days......
We as a skating family can help in our own way and this is it.
Skaters are a family and no matter where we are in the world or where we are from we are all together......!

Monday April 6th, 2020 (Kl. 13:53)
This is what ladies figure skating is ALLLLLLLLLL about........HERE

Friday April 3rd, 2020 (Kl. 15:42)
Vilka element är uppkallad efter vem .....? / What elements are named after who.....?
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